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Technology management

Kaunas power plant principal scheme
Power plant operates:
  • three steam boilers,  420 t/h capacity each;
  • two gas turbines: the first equipped with a 60 MW hydrogen cooled generator with two steam outlets for thermal and industrial use, the second turbine is equipped with 110 MW hydrogen cooled generator with the steam outlet for heat exchangers;
  • four water heating boilers, 100 Gcal /h capacity each;
  • one water heating boiler, 180 Gcal/h capacity;
  • one electrode boiler, 40 MW capacity.
Fuel is natural gas and heavy fuel oil. Fuel storage facility consists of six tanks with total capacity of 60 000 tons and two tanks with a capacity of 30 000 tons each.
110 kV outdoor- type switchyard is equipped with three busbar systems – two operating and one as a bypass. 6 kV and 0.4 kV closed-type switchyards are for the own power plant needs.
Presently Lietuvos energija AB is the owner of the 110 kV switchyard. PLC Energy systems  manages the 110 kV switchyard operation service.
Water for industrial use is supplied from the Kauno Marios lake. Chemically pre-treated water, dependent on its quality is utilized for steam production and district heating supplement. Circulating water system with the cooling tower and circulating pump-stations were equipped in order to cool condensers. Fresh tap water is supplied by Municipal  Water Supply network.
The main equipment ( all the circuit breakers) are operated from the main control room, installed with control–management devices, control keys, control computers, signal scoreboards. Technological equipment control and different informational parameters aquisition and supervision of power plant systems are  installed.
Computerized control system is composed of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), communication network and control computers with a special software ( SCADA). PLC gathers parameters measurements data, valve position and other information, concerning the object under control. The obtained data  are processed and transmitted to the control computer by communication network. Control computer saves the measurements in the data base, forms alarm signal, with the help of mnemoschemes simulates the controlled object to the operator and transmits the control commands made by the operator  to PLC. PLC models- „Quantum“, „Compact“ and „ Momentum“ by  „Modicon“ company are applied in use in the power plant. Data are transmitted by Modbus Plus and Modbus –TCP/IP communication networks to the control computers with SCADA “Monitor Pro V7.2“ software. Presently, about 500 analogic and 1500 discretic signals are transmitted every second to 21 PLC. There are 12 computerized control work positions for the operators.
Phone: +370 37 452 259
Fax: +370 37 456 263