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Our qualification

High quality specialists are the basis of our success.
Competitive services provided by  PLC Energy Systems Service are ensured by high quality specialists. 36% employees have university education,  22% - higher education , and 42% - secondary education.
Another very significant qualification factor is the work experience in energetics. The employees working in the company more than 10 years  make up 62 %. It is determined by operation particularity, it takes a several years period to train a specialist.
A special attention is paid to ongoing and systematic qualification raise. The personnel qualification raise system consists of three parts:
  • Obligatory training  –  mastering of the technologies, permitting the employees to carry out their tasks, examinations according the requirements regulated by legal acts, concerning the obligations;
  • Professional qualification raise  –  training, seeking to refresh professional and special knowledge and skills, to get acquainted with the equipment specifications, legal acts  etc.
  • Individual and professional qualification improvement   –  seminars, conferences in order to gain knowledge and learn new technologies.
The employees qualification raise is a measure to employ and to increase the existing employees potential and skills application to the changing market conditions. Thus, PLC Energy Systems Service considers qualification raise as one of the most effective investments into the human resources field.
Certificate No. 3528 issued by the  Ministry of Environment of  the Republic of Lithuania to carry out construction or partial construction works.
Construction categories: not special buildings.
Construction groups: residential houses, public and other entities buildings
Construction work spheres: common construction works; special construction works: mechanical works –  heating and  ventilation; electrotechnical works up to 1 000 V voltage.
The State Commission of  Price and Energy Control
No. L1-NET-18
Radiation protection  centre
No. 1071
Environmental protection agency
PERMIT No. 1AT-1 To carry out laboratory measurements of environment and its sources of pollution
State Energy Inspectorate
under the Ministry of Economy  the Republic of Lithuania
CERTIFICATE to operate energy equipment No. E-0552
CERTIFICATE to operate oil and oil products equipment No.N-0062
CERTIFICATE to operate heat equipment and turbines No. T-0300
CERTIFICATE to operate natural gas equipment No.GD-0094
Phone: +370 37 452 259
Fax: +370 37 456 263